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Recruitment for Medical Professionals

3SG Medical Group has been in the business of medical recruitment since 14 years, the company has been offering the best recruitment and headhunting solutions for medical professionals achieve their desired jobs across India.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We facilitate the bigger hospitals to acquire distressed units and leverage their capabilities in other geographic markets.

  • ❖ Identifying the available opportunities for a M&A deal.
  • ❖ Advising on transaction structure and timing.
  • ❖ Facilitating legal due diligence
    1.      ➢ Review of contracts
    2.      ➢ Permits
    3.      ➢ Organizational documents
  • ❖ Develop a comprehensive understanding of the scope, value and risks of the transaction.
  • ❖ We also get connected you to the specialist lawyers during any M&A negotiations for better judgement.

Overseas Pathology & Physiotherapy Services

3SG Medical Group along with its associated and trusted partners has now ventured into the ever growing African markets by setting up, operating and running a full fledged Pathology Laboratory and Physiotherapy departments in private hospitals. The scope of Laboratory services are:

  • ● Clinical Biochemistry
  • ● Haematology
  • ● Microbiology
  • ● Histopathology
  • ● Immunology.